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If It Doesn't Nourish your Skin Or Soul  Let It Go

Philippians 4:19

Hand-Made products

Fuctioning Factors

Heavenly Herbs

Herbs were typically used for culinary purposes in the past. however through research it has been discovered on the benefits contained in herbs. One such benefit is their antioxidating abilities which aids in skin cell renewal. Skin cell renewal and anti-aging is what every women and men want. Herbs have also been used to treat wounds acne and hormonal imbalances just name a few. What can be more heavenly than what Nature is naturally providing right here.

Power of Butters

 So the real digs on raw butters are the amazing benefits. Most butters are fruit, seed, and nut derived to say the least. The beauty of using butters is that you get huge benefits without drying out or toxifying your skin or hair. Butters can protect the skin and hair from free radicals in the environment and provide sun protection. Butters are powerful.


Delightful Oils

We literally use oils everyday in some way or another. Whether it be in foods or products. The trouble is how to differentiate the healthy oils from the un healthy oils; not to mention what process of the oil production is more likely to nourish the body. If you get stuck or a quick way to narrow it down is simple. Cold pressed....... why you ask; Well cold pressed oils have the most beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Processed or refined oil the extraction process will remove all of that which our skin and body needs to be healthy. I delight and so does my skin when oils are cold pressed.  

Be Sweet to your Body

Black Honey LLC is committed to offer pure natural ingredients to delight and heal the skin.  Using the Power of Honey as our source of nourishment.

Oh Honey, Thank You

Your soaps feel so refreshing. Everyone who reads this must put an order in.

Tacha V.

Everything looks so Yummy.


I enjoy using the soap and the smell is pleasant. At your pricing which is reasonable I only use your soaps. I've watched as my heat rash disappeared after continued use. 


What can better than using natural products at a great price. I'm not typically a big believer in natural cures etc. When I used your Tumeric soap I noticed a huge improvement in my discoloration. My acne scars have been a huge insecurity of mine so I definitely feel relieved that I can finally walk outside without heavy makeup lol. 

Brie H.